Werder Friends in India

Day of the Fans, 2007

On July 29, 2007, our Honourable President and his family went with BWW member Wilm to see if everything is ready for the new season. For this several checks were necessary:


First an inspection of the new team!

Then a meeting with the President, Juergen L. Born, and the fan co-ordinater, Werner Zeiffer.

 ...and finally a sausage from the boss behind the bosses for Wilm!

Weser Stadion August 2005

On August 07, 2005 a group of Bombay Werder Wallahs and some associated friends visited the famous Weser Stadium, home to so many fantastic football festivals. Let us take you for a little strall with us...

The tour started in the press room with a q&a session with the great Werder Coach Thomas Schaaf (who got all dressed up to meet us...)

After that we went to see the Insie of the stadium and the "Holy Lawn" which - unfortunately - we were not allowed to step on... 

The High Command during the matches (including Headbanger risk!) is equiped with a built in electric heating system!

We then looked at the new facilities in the new North wing of the stadium...

...entered in some of the new VIP lounges in the same area...

..against which the also still very chic Ostkurven business lounge looks almost working class like...

Finally, via the steps of fame...


..some Werder History at the "Wuseum".


Remember the days?! And here was what the Weserstadium looked like after the towers were built!


Nothng is as stable as cange! Today, the stadium has again changed and the next rebuilding plans are on the way!